Witherby's Bird Songs


These recordings are from my original Witherby's Sound Guide to British Birds
LP set bought in the early 1970's
I have added archive photos from the internet along with some of my own
to make a make an easier interface for the CDs available "HERE"

Introduction by James Fisher

Non-Passerines Divers and Grebes Leach's Petrel to Bittern Ducks Geese and Swans Diurnal Birds of Prey Gamebirds Crakes and Rails Oystercatchers and Plovers Snipe to Stone Curlew Skuas and Gulls Terns Auks,Doves and Cuckoos Owls and Nightjars Swift to Wryneck

Passerines Larks, Swallows and Orioles Crows Tits Nuthatch to Dipper Thrushes Chats, Nightingales and Robins Wet Habitat Warblers Dry Habitat Warblers Goldcrest to Starling Finches Buntings and Sparrows